The following statements are from our GentleBirth Weekend Workshop attendees. After each workshop, a feedback form is sent to each customer, and their response is returned anonymously. Sometimes BirthingMamas customers email directly with their thoughts.

I discover things about myself and my customers from this feedback, and hope that sharing them here with you shows how effective my training and the workshop material is for you and your birth partner; and how your investment in this course can help you achieve the birth you want. If you have any further questions, please contact me.

"We found the techniques for Dads, encouragement and confidence for Moms…a load of information and advice based on the Irish system…all very useful over the course of the GentleBirth weekend."

“Mary...just wanted to thank u for a great weekend. It was so informative and exactly what I was hoping it would be.

I feel so confident and ready for this birth now! Even though I'm glad I have a few weeks to really concentrate on the cds. You created a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the class. It was so open and comfortable so thank u for that!!

I would like if u could recommend some of your oils to me? I would love something to help me relax and another for the labour or the weeks leading up to it.
I hope our paths cross very soon again. I am sure we will be emailing. Thank you again for a fab weekend. Chat very soon”

“I first met Mary when she gave the Gentlebirth workshop I attended during my first pregnancy and I was in awe of her knowledge of and passion for the birthing process...”

“My baby was breech and so I had a planned C-Section and although I knew I would not be labouring with my birth, the GentleBirth played a significant role in relaxing my mind and helping me settle within during my pregnancy and in the run up to the operation.

There is a considerable amount of recovery after a C-Section but I believe a relaxed mind will tend to faster healing. It was great support in handling the emotions I was going through and this developed into a strength to look after my baby and I.”

“Hi Mary,

Just to update you, myself and my husband attended your course in November, and we are now proud parents of Baby R. We can not recommend yourself and the gentle Birthing programme enough.

I was fortunate enough to have a birth without any curve balls or complications, but sitting on my birthing ball listening to various gentle birth tracks kept me extremely calm and I believe made the labour quicker.

Both myself and my husband felt in control and I only required pethadine rather than an epidural. The only time during the process that I found things too difficult was when I was being moved from the ward to the delivery suite, and again on arrival in the delivery suite when the gas wasn’t working and the baby was being monitored. I think that these moments were so difficult as it was at this point that I was not able to listen to gentle birth, and the whole ambience was ruined. I soon was able to again relax once settled in the suite.

My husband was a huge support; unknown to me he had printed out some of the affirmations and kept showing appropriate ones to me. The coaching given on the course helped him realise that he also had an important role to play, and was a great help in communicating with the midwifes, encouraging me to keep going, and being on hand with gas, water etc. My husband found the whole experience very positive and uplifting.

We were very fortunate to have a midwife who was very interested in your programme and allowed me to take my time, particularly during the second stage of the labour. My friends and family members were surprised that I was embracing the hypnosis element as they would consider me a cynical person who would not be open to this. I personally, was willing to give anything a go that might make the labour more bearable, and it certainly worked.

Thank you for all of your help and support in making R’s arrival a very special occasion. I do hope that the other course participants got on so well, and we look forward to the reunion!”

“The birth went very well - from start to finish it took 5 hours, and was pretty much drug free, bar the odd bit of gas and air, no tears either thankfully. I made a vision board which I used to look at every day in advance of the labour, we used the affirmations for a lot of the labour and [my husband] used an acupressure point to amazing effect during surges.

He was fantastic and obviously the farming background really helped, but having attended the course with you meant he fully understood all my wishes and really was able to speak for me, not only at the birth but in the weeks leading up to it when things like induction were mentioned.”

“I planned a home birth for both my babies and after needing to be transferred to hospital on my first, I really wanted my second birth to go a bit more like I wished. I did all the same things as with my first, pregnancy yoga, meditation, eating well and keeping myself fit and ready for the birth. But this time around my husband and myself decided it would be a good idea and investment to do a gentlebirth workshop.

A lot of the stuff I was familiar with but it greatly helped me to hear it again and go over the information again. Mary was very informative and clear and passionate about it all. We found it very helpful hearing the hospital’s policy of “best practice” and the reality of their practice as this gave us a feeling of strength if we had to be transferred this time around. I especially found the cds with the affirmations and meditations brilliant.

My husband found it helpful as there were useful wordings and practical things for him to do during the labour which I think was good as he likes to feel useful and that he is helping towards a calm birth. We had fun as it was all presented to us in a light hearted, professional and knowledgeable way. It was an excellent course.”

“Hi Mary, Thanks a million for the info, and more importantly for the wonderful course this weekend. It was a pleasure to participate, and even though we are tired after our trip, I feel very positive about our birth, and I know I will enjoy the rest of our pregnancy and birth so much more for having done it. It was great to get such a thorough refresher in all aspects of birth, it’s amazing what you’d forget even after having two already! I get the distinct impression that John feels much better too now that he has a very clearly defined role to play, he is far more engaged. I think he was a bit at a loss as to what was really expected of him, and that was a very positive outcome of the course.

So once again, THANK YOU! We will keep you posted as to all developments,”

“Things are good here, quite hectic. I don’t think i was prepared for how busy it would be. i was so focused on the birth that i forgot about life afterwards :) Poor Tadhg is quiet unhappy about the whole upset and has been really acting up ! So its been busy to say the least :/

when i have the time and the brain power i will def write a proper birth story for you! But a brief overview it went really well. GB really kicked in. I stayed at home all day, wasnt even 100% sure if i was in labour. Thankfully I did ring yvonne that night around 8.30 to say I thought something might be happening....I went for a bath , with your fab oils, by the time i got out i rang yvonne to say yes come over! What was confusing me was that the surges were quite short ( just like Tadhgs birth ) so i thought it might only be warm ups. I ended up going into the hospital for 11.30pm as my waters broke at home, otherwise i think it would have been a home birth, Cian was born at 00.11am! They did not have time for a trace, although they did their best, Yvonne fought hard with security to let her into admissions, insane they wont let partners in, really would affect you!

Thankfully they didnt have time to interfere, the minute they looked at my chart and saw i had a third degree tear last time without even checking me they said oh wel do an episotomy! Thankfully they didnt get a chance, as I got labout ward at 11.50 and there he was at 00.11 on the 4th of July. Transition was intense but the gas and air was a great help. I had nothing else ( so proud). The GB really kicked in as he was emerging, just felt the pressure we had discussed, honestly no pain, intense yes but no horrendous pain! ”

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