I originally trained as a birth doula in 2006 and have continually updated my training ever since, including training with DONA International and Spinning Babies. I became interested in becoming a doula thanks to a fantastic friend who suggested I take part in doula training and I was also lucky enough to have this friend as a doula for my children's births. When I saw how much she helped myself and my husband during my own pregnancy and labour, I knew I wanted to be able to offer the same support to families at such an important time in their lives.  I have worked as a birth doula since this training and last year I trained with the incredible Ann Grauer of DONA International as a postpartum doula.

Since then I have never looked back and over the years I have worked with couples attending CUMH, Waterford Regional and Tipperary Hospital, as well as in a home birth setting. I have worked with couples having their first baby as well as those having a second or third child. I have experience of supporting couples in many different circumstances including those hoping for a VBAC or VBA2C, women who are choosing an epidural and those hoping to have an unmedicated birth. I pride myself on offering support to Mums (and their partners), throughout their pregnancy, labour and postnatally. I am available by email, phone or via Facebook to answer queries or provide reassurance throughout pregnancy - alongside the personal meet ups that I do with all my doula clients. I really enjoy getting to know a family over the time we spend together and it is real honour to be a part of this journey with them.

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After working as a doula for myself for so many years I have recently started a new chapter - with Jen Crawford in Dublin, one of the most experienced doulas in Ireland. We both realised that mothers in Ireland wanted more doula opportunities than we could offer individually, so we started DoulaCare Ireland together. This is where I now offer my doula services to women and their partners. And with this new venture, we are offering doula services nationwide with a selective team of qualified doulas to suit your needs.

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What is a Doula?

One of the questions I am most often asked is - what exactly is a doula? While they are growing in popularity in Ireland over the last few years there are still many people who are unsure as to what a doula actually does for a pregnant woman and how they can help.

The word ‘doula’ is a Greek one and has been interpreted as meaning ‘woman caregiver’. A doula is an experienced non-medical birth companion who provides continuous physical and emotional support to the Mum before, during and after her labour. Doulas usually have undertaken formal training with a doula organisation and are often mothers themselves. Read more >>>

How much does it cost?

There are various factors that determine the price of a doula service. There is a Birth Doula service and the Postpartum support. I meet all of my clients beforehand to discuss the services, with no obligation to sign up, and see what the clients wants for their birth. We discuss the needs and wants for this special time in your life and then draw up a plan of support for you and your partner. The price incorporates the time a doula is on call with you, the extra support required afterwards and any additional services such as massage and aromatherapy. If you have any further questions, read more here >>>

What do others say about this Service?

Mary’s knowledge of all things birth related is invaluable. That and her warm, enthusiastic approach helped us immensely when we were most vulnerable. Our baby girl arrived in a calm, gentle way and it’s an experience we go back to very often. I’d recommend a doula, and Mary especially, to all first time parents
— Karolina & Maciej
Mary’s support to my husband and I during my pregnancy, labour and postnatal period were invaluable to us. All my anxieties were eased and I felt truly confident we would have the birth I wanted.
— Jackie & Graham

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